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      Be Present



      Feeling good about yourself is the best thing you can do for the world!

      When we feel good, we are more generous, forgiving, gentle and loving. We can't help but be better people when we are happy. Affirmations are a powerful source of uplifting energies and a way to be in connection with our greater selves. 

      The trick about about saying nice stuff about yourself is, you have to believe it. And I find that I have have to redo my affirmation list every couple of weeks or I begin to tune it out because the novelty has worn off. I tape the list up on my bathroom mirror so I see them every morning and night when I brush my teeth. I also have them typed into notes on my phone, so I can refer back to them anytime I need.

      Here are my current affirmations. 

      Feel free to borrow. If you want more ideas about affirmation, Louise Hay was the mother of affirmation and she wrote a lot about them. Gabby Bernstein, Shakti Gawain, and lots of other personal development authors also talk about affirmations.

      Good things can come easily.

      Think thoughts that feel good. Be happy. Have fun!

      Let go of outcomes.

      The universe supports me.


      Keep dreaming, even when I can't see the results.

      I am whole.

      I am worthy of receiving.


      Today is a great day. Life is good.

      All is well.

      I don't need to do more.