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      Tasha LansburyHi There! I’m Tasha and I'm a surface pattern designer. I took a back road to get here. I was a mindfulness-based psychotherapist for thirty-five years. I often drew pictures as an additional way to have my clients understand a concept, I was sharing with them.  I then created and sold a deck of mindfulness tool cards. My graphic designer friend, Maggie took my drawing and made them print ready, while I sat next to her in awe of the Adobe illustrator program. I went on to create more mindfulness-based products and began learning illustrator myself. Two things then happened that changed my life. One, realizing I don’t want to have closets full of inventory, depend on stars and reviews, and be a sales and marketing monkey. The second was Whaaat! That’s a job!?  Inadvertently stumbling upon surface pattern designing, I was Instantly and completely smitten.  I now refer to my work as play, I dream in patterns and I am endlessly inspired by the infinite number of flowers, fruits, bugs, animals, leaves, textures, trees, and on and on that life is plump with. 

      My intent is to create uplifting art and patterns, to work with open-hearted people and to have a lot of fun!

      I live and play in Vermont. I have two sons trying out as adults, a lovely husband and a sweet dog, Sugar who is an undercover angel.







      Artist Tasha Lansbury was a mindfulness-based psychotherapist for 35 years. Being a visual person, she drew pictures for her clients to help explain concepts. Out of these drawing, Tasha created a deck of mindfulness tool cards. Sitting next to her graphic designer friend, Maggie, she was in awe of the Adobe Illustrator program. Tasha went on to develop more mindfulness tools and taught herself Illustrator. Then two life changing events happened.  One, she realized she didn;t want to have closets full of 

      Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t!

      Being a perpetual student, Tasha taught herself illustrator, and in the process, stumbled upon the career of a surface pattern designer. The clouds opened up and angels cheered. Art and design became a passion and joy in Tasha’s life. 

      At present, Tasha devotes the majority of her time playing with Inspired Mind Designs. She maintains a small psychotherapy practice teaching mindfulness. She happily lives in Vermont with her husband, one son at college and one son home and with her beloved dog Sugar.